The Causes of Asthma and How to Treat it Naturally

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Symptoms of asthma are caused by abnormalities in the respiratory tract that cause increased sensitivity to stimuli from the environment. Trigger these symptoms can be tiredness mind (impaired emotion), fatigue, changes in the physical environment, (weather, humidity, temperature, smoke and the smell of cigarettes which stimulates), respiratory tract infections such as influenza and allergic reactions from inhaled materials or food.
The level of sensitivity of the respiratory tract begins with mild symptoms (in the form of colds/coughs or sneezes frequently recurrent or relapsing) until the symptoms of the severe form of asthma attacks.
The sensitivity usually starts from childhood, about 50% of the symptoms will heal by itself, although at one time can appear again may be heavier this State known as asthma, about 55-60% of respiratory allergy disease relegated to the child or grandchild and the rest due to severe environmental pollution due to new symptoms appeared after the adults.
-a person who has the talent of asthma if exposed to factors trigger will show the mildest symptoms begin like a cold/cough accompanied by sneezing, itching in the throat until the level weight i.e. shortness of breath, breath, sweat and the pulse rate increases.
-the sound of wheezing, breathing in the moment.
-This complaint often occurs at night toward the morning then lost or feel better about 9 am.
-Sports weight is also a factor in triggering resulting in coughing on someone who has the talent of asthma
The cause;
The main cause of asthma is located in the respiratory tract is inflamed due to the reaction which is caused by exposure to materials such as:
-dust that is present in the home, such as a rug, sofa, clothes is in the closet that is kept too long and others.
-environmental triggers, dirty air, feathers and dirt from pets, such as cats, ungags and others.

Treatment Of Asthma Naturally:

1. Honey
Honey contains natural substances that can help relieve the respiratory tract for people affected by asthma. Alcohol in the honey, one of the substances that are soothing to the respiratory cavity. Besides honey also contains nutrients that are essential for maintaining the immune system and avoiding various types of other diseases. How users are:

Prepare one teaspoon honey
Add a little cinnamon powder and dissolve
You can consume the water directly or honey in warm water.

2. Garlic Herb
Garlic is a very potent asthma drugs primarily for the early stages of asthma. Garlic can help respiratory organs so that it becomes more relief and reduce the liquid mucus in the respiratory organs. Usage is:

boil 2 cloves garlic in 100 ml of water
Drink water boiled when it’s cold
Should drink this concoction during nighttime
In addition, garlic is also useful as a food-lowering high blood safety.

3. Ginger
Ginger is a Rhizome plant with a special aroma. Ginger has been shown to be able to alleviate the symptoms of shortness of breath and reduces the inflammation that occurs in the respiratory tract. Ginger can be a natural remedy for all types of asthma with different types of causes. How to work with are:

Boil a couple of roads freshly picked ginger
Avoid wearing ginger that has been stored for long
Drinking water while still warm ginger stew

4. Coffee
Although most of the dangers of coffee are not good for health, but coffee can be a drink that is very helpful treatments for asthma. You can consume the bitter black coffee without sugar to ward off asthma attacks. Caffeine content in coffee is beneficial for respiratory disorders and eliminating all relieve the respiratory tract. Although coffee can be used to treat asthma, but it is not recommended to consume coffee, considering the dangers of caffeine in it is not good for the body.

5. Acupuncture
Acupuncture is one type of asthma treatment method which was introduced by China. Various types of points of the body that are associated with the respiratory cavity will be treated with a needle. Some people apparently can also be cured with acupuncture therapy but should be done with the routine.

6. Onion Herb
Did you know, that onions are very potent herbs to overcome asthma attacks? Onions contain anti-inflammatory substances that can reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract. Onions can also decrease the inflammation that occurs in the lungs. You can consume raw onions to treat asthma.

7. Respiratory Gymnastics
One of the other methods that are known to reduce symptoms and asthma attacks is respiratory gymnastics. Gymnastics was carried out to train organs of the lungs in order to have a normal capacity. A range of motion exercises can do to maintain good health, to make the mind become relaxed and avoid sufferers from stress.


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