Recognize the Symptoms of Anemia and find a Solution to Handling

anemia hidup sehat

Anemia a situation where levels of hemoglobin or red blood cells in the blood are very low. Hemoglobin or red blood cells in the blood are very low.
Hemoglobin is the compound in red blood cells that transports oxygen to a substance in the body’s cells.
-Skin/lip/tongue/nails/petals in Pale eyes.
-Easily tired, lethargic.
-Dizziness, faint easily.
-Shortness of breath, especially after exercise.
-Rapid heartbeat (palpitations)
Common causes:
-Less iron and vitamin b 12 or in the diet.
blood loss, such as nosebleeds (bleeding nose suddenly)
-Heavy menstrual bleeding, hemorrhoids, bleeding peptic ulcers.
-Pregnancy because it takes more iron to fetal growth.
-Production of hemoglobin disorders due to hereditary factors such as talasemia, a blood disorder (i.e. in light talasemia anemia occurs only rarely become usual complaint of sufferers. Severe talasemia, a disorder found form bones and severe anemia requiring transfuse blood every month.
If the cause of anemia due to iron deficiency, then it is advisable to much consumption of foods rich in iron such as meat, liver, dried nuts, dried fruits, green vegetables and wheat.

-When you feel the symptoms of anemia on the top and the people around you see you looked pale and tired, immediately consult a doctor. The doctor will ask you your eating habits and medication that you are drinking. You then will get a physical examination, the examination of blood and other supporting examination to determine if there is anemia and what causes it.
-Handling anemia depends on the cause. When the cause is iron deficiency, doctors would find out and fix the cause of the shortage. Iron supplements in the form of tablets or syrup may be given. (If the anemia is caused by a problem of absorption of post-operation gastrectomy, the granting of a supplement will be given intramuscular or intravenal).
-Recovery normally takes six to eight weeks after the treatment. After anemic handled, you will still continue to receive your intake of iron supplements until several months to maintain the condition. Your stool will be colored black during treatment.
-When anemia caused by certain diseases, the only solution is to cure his illness.
-Chronic anemia which is characterized by severe symptoms such as rapid heart rate, shortness of breath and fainting may be immediately treated with blood transfusions.


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