Allergies To Identify Causes and Responses

The Circumstances In Which A Person Becomes Susceptible To Materials/Compounds That Do Not Necessarily Pose A Nuisance To Other People. Can Be Caused By Hereditary Factors. Allergic Reactions Arise After Several Times Exposed To Allegan (Materials/Compounds Cause Allergies).
Depending on the body part afflicted by, for example:
-red eyes, swollen and watery.
-nasal mucus, spend a lot of sneezing and other.
-channel breather slimy, breath shortness of breath, cough, and asthma.
-stomach/intestine more active so that excessive Peristaltic movements occurs causes diarrhea or abdominal colic.
-joints ache, pain, redness, swelling.
-skin blotches or Buran occurred accompanied by itching.

Different types of allergies:
@ Allergy rinitis
(inflammation of the nose)
Allergic inflammation of the nasal cavity rinitis is caused by an allergic reaction. Common in all ages, caused by hereditary factors. People are often stricken cause sneezing.
-sneezing, runny noses, colds da in some cases can cause the eyes red and watery.
-nasal congestion.
The cause:
-stimulation against dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, perfume, fur, animal species, certain types of food and the air changes or weather. The reaction occurred inflammation and excessive discharge either on the nose or eyes.

-try not to be exposed to dust, pollution, cigarette smoke.
-avoid pets, carpets, and materials that absorb dust.
-and reduce the cold beverages and foods that trigger allergies.
-use a mask when out of the House.
-Always read labels to find out the materials that were used before buying food.
-Noting the types of foods that may be the source of allergy so that it can be avoided.


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